MA in Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities

Become a Theatre Educator Working in Colleges and Community Settings

Prepare to work as a theatre artist and educator in arts organizations, private and community colleges, galleries, museums, and a broad range of cultural settings. In this master of arts program, you’ll develop new strategies focused on teaching and learning through drama while experimenting in the creation and presentation of theatre for diverse audiences. The MA in Educational Theatre for Colleges and Communities (EDTC) can be completed in as few as three consecutive semesters. A three-summer sequence with study abroad option is also available.

This degree does not offer New York State Teacher Certification. Degrees that offer initial certification in theatredual certification with English Education, and dual certification with Social Studies Education are also available.

What You'll Learn
  • How to design, implement, and evaluate culturally-responsive theatre by and for myriad constituents
  • How to appraise and analyze the changing roles of theatre and education within complex and politicized transnational spaces
  • How to identify gaps in the field from theoretical, practical, and aesthetic perspectives, generating new knowledge accordingly
  • How to formulate, implement, and modify teaching and learning strategies using drama frameworks to explore content
  • How to experiment in the creation and presentation of theatre in formal or informal settings, using a variety of methods and structures

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See sample course sequences for full- and part-time fall/spring enrollment (with and without global study) as well as the three-summer option.

How You'll Learn

Foundations and Research, Discipline Content Study, and Areas of Specialization
This 36-point program is designed with flexibility and individuality at the forefront. You will complete coursework that includes: seminal research in the field, investigations of pedagogy and aesthetics, as well as practical application of educational theatre content. Within the EDTC track, faculty and advisers collaborate with students to create graduate-level learning sequences that authentically accommodate burgeoning interests, needed support, and relevant expertise. You can choose an area of specialization from among the following: Applied Theatre, Drama Education, and Play Production for Artists and Educators; in addition, students may opt to craft their own pathway of study.

Performance Opportunities
NYU Steinhardt's Program in Educational Theatre produces two main-stage shows each academic year: one in the historic Provincetown Playhouse and the other in our Blackbox Theatre. These productions are helmed by professional directors from amongst program faculty, while student actors, assistant stage managers, dramaturges, and assistant directors round out the companies. Every semester, we invite school audiences from across the five boroughs to participate in workshops exploring the themes, content, and development of the corresponding piece. As a student in our program, you have the opportunity to author production-specific curriculum guides and supplementary materials, design the accompanying learning segments, and facilitate workshops with members of our student audiences.

Flexible Study Options
Many of our community members work full time, which is exactly why students have the option to matriculate in the fall, spring, or summer semesters. Moreover, MA candidates in the EDTC program can also enroll in our summers-only degree plan.  

Study Abroad
NYU Steinhardt offers one of the most extensive graduate-level study abroad programs in the country. Students can incorporate extraordinary global experiences into their curricula during winter intersession, spring recess, and/or the summer semester.  Candidates from NYU’s Program in Educational Theatre explore various facets of the art form in London and Birmingham (with the UK’s foremost drama-in-education and Theatre for Young Audience specialists), in Ireland (with the country’s leading community-engaged practitioners and performing artists), and/or in Puerto Rico (with maestros in the fields of physical theatre, mask-making and performance, puppetry, and Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed). Participants are exposed to unique forms and techniques, mentored by innovative artists, supported as they make professional connections, and challenged to deepen perspective and practice through cultural immersion.

A Supportive Learning Community
As an Educational Theatre student, you'll join passionate, supportive, and deeply committed scholars from diverse socioeconomic, racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, with a variety of personal and professional experiences. Additionally, degree participants work closely with faculty to create individually tailored programs of study focused on personal interests, theatrical disciplines, pedagogy, community-engaged approaches, and advances in field-specific research.

Where Your Degree Can Take You

Graduates of our program pursue aesthetic, educational, and administrative opportunities that do not require NYS Teacher Certification, including: positions at private and community colleges, arts organizations, galleries, museums, educational outreach centers, behavioral health and prevention facilities, community and housing programs, youth and adult detainment centers, and theatre/arts agencies; some master’s candidates elect to continue graduate study in the form of a terminal degree, seeking an EdD or PhD in a related field.

Degree Details
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