NYU Drama Therapy's

NYU Drama Therapy's "Race as Performance" - January 27, 2012

 How did this project come to be?

As individuals, we have been in many conversations about race and they have been all but playable. This piece is one exploration into the ways in which we can engage in critical, thoughtful dialogue without losing our creativity and spontaneity. This piece was originally presented at the Student Forum at the North American Drama Therapy Association 2011 Conference.

Director's Note

"This performance, co-created by Amber, Lizzie, Britton, Dana, and Ashley arose out of our living inquiry into race and racism. They brought their critical sass and serious play to an important question about how we navigate our experiences of identity, community, and social inequity: Is race playable?

Can we use our practice of improvisation and performance to take apart the construct of race and reveal it as just that: a socially constituted concept with real, and often harmful, implications that are most acutely felt in our encounters with one another. This team used their skills in drama therapy to take necessary risks into the tensions and possibilities they have experienced when trying to talk about race in our own field and their insights apply to a broader public. It has been a privilege to share in this conversation with them and with you tonight."

-Nisha Sajnani

This performance is part of the Drama Therapy Program series "...As Performance," made possible by a generous grant from The Billy Rose Foundation.

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