The primary objective of doctoral study, as distinguished from other studies at the graduate level, is to promote your original contribution to scholarly research in a given field. Upon entry into the doctoral program, you should begin exploring the literature and methods pertinent to your particular research interests, and identifying specific faculty members—both inside and outside of the department—who might serve as dissertation committee members.

In MPAP, each doctoral program has a distinct curriculum, as delineated in the program-specific links in the menu at left. All doctoral students are expected to successfully complete at least 42 credits of coursework (depending on the program) as part of their degree requirements, and maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (B). The specific number of credits and their distribution varies from program to program. Note: The points listed for each degree represents the minimum points for the degree. Additional points may be required as the result of placement and candidacy exams.

Please note that absolutely no transfer credits from other institutions are allowed for doctoral students.

Courses and plan of study should be discussed with the student’s adviser. Courses for all programs except the EdD in Educational Theatre are categorized according to the following criteria:



Advised Research

Additional Coursework Opportunities

After Completing Required Coursework (ABD)