Activities: Recording Sessions

We recognize the changes that have taken place in production methods for film scoring over the last 20 years that have affected not only the means of production, but the aesthetics as well. Our varied and eclectic recording sessions prepare students for every step of the recording process, and teach them to be the kind of versatile and skillful composers the industry now demands.

Hybrid Sessions

In their first year, students are given multiple hybrid recording sessions a semester in which they write for one or more virtuosic soloists to record over pre-records. The goal of these sessions is for students to learn to economize their sample libraries and identify what sounds are missing. We hire musicians that play instruments that are rarely sampled in the industry’s standard sample libraries. In years passed we have hired David Weiss (The Lion King, The Rookie) for ethnic woodwinds, John Benthal (Idina Menzel, Nanny Diaries, The Lion King) for miscellaneous plucked instruments, and Oz Noy (Nelly Furtado, The Allman Brothers, Gavin DeGraw) for electric guitar.

Orchestral Sessions

In their second year, students are given the opportunity to write for both a string orchestra (20 strings + 1 harp), and full orchestra (33 piece). All of the recording sessions take place at NYU’s state-of-the art facilities and feature New York City's top-tier studio musicians, including players from the NY Philharmonic and The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

Curtis Wright - Cartier Demo
Aaron Kenny