The Screen Scoring Recording Sessions

As an undergraduate or graduate Screen Scoring student, you will participate in many recording sessions that serve as our laboratory for current scoring practices. These sessions are designed for you to incorporate contemporary production methods and to practice modern scoring aesthetics. Our varied and eclectic recording sessions will prepare you for every step of the recording process, and it will help you become the very versatile and skillful composer the industry now demands.

Hybrid Sessions

During the undergraduate studies and the first year of graduate studies, you will be given multiple hybrid recording sessions in which you will write for one or more virtuosic soloists to record over existing music you created with your computer using sample libraries and synthesizers. The goal of these sessions is for you to learn to economize your sample libraries and identify what sounds are missing.

Orchestral Sessions

As an undergraduate or as a graduate student, you will record with multiple orchestral ensembles, including the NYUO1 orchestra as the laboratory for the advanced orchestration class.

In addition, as a second-year graduate student, you are also given the opportunity to write for both a string orchestra, and a full orchestra of top professionals.”

Curtis Wright - Cartier Demo
Aaron Kenny