Village Records Artists - Not (just) Another 90's Compilation.

Village Records Artists - Not (just) Another 90's Compilation.

Village Records has recently released a new compilation album featuring NYU students. Each artist is featured on an original
 track and a cover version of their favorite popular 90's song to create the VR release "Not (just) Another 90's Compilation."
 Take a look at the artists’ bios and the album is available for preview and purchase on iTunes and CDBaby.

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About the Artists

The Bailen Brothers combine a unique mix of Funk, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Social Music, Love Making Music, Acid Rock, Gregorian Chant, Children Sing along Songs, The Kind of Music You Hear in a Dressing Room, and Folk to form a fresh new style they call Acid Frazz for Gregorian Children in Dressing Rooms. Songwriting twin duo David and Daniel Bailen have been playing music and writing songs ever since the womb, in fact, they came out singing in perfect harmony! In 2005 they formed The Bailen Brothers when they welcomed pianist Pierre Piscitelli into the brotherhood. Over the past years, the band has grown into a six-piece set of bass, drums, keyboards, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and guitar. In 2007 The Bailen Brothers went into the studio and recorded their first album, “Come and Get Your Art” which made its’ radio (a box that receives and plays music broadcast from a radio station) debut on WKCR (89.9). In January they were invited back for a 30-minute set where they had a live interview and played songs from their new album. After this huge success, The Bailen Brothers celebrated by tickling each other in a 30-minute epic tickle fight. The band made their national television debut when they were featured in a 2-minute spot on Nickelodeon that played throughout the summer. The members of the band go to NYU, Juilliard, and New School and have been playing on the New York Club scene since 2007, with sporadic excursions to Connecticut, Boston, and Baltimore. Recently they were playing in Europe, mainly in Florence where they had a weekly residency at BeBop, a happening music venue (and let me tell you, it got pretty sweaty : ). They also performed at other venues around Italy and Europe. Now they are working on their second record, which will hopefully be released soon. It’s going to be the best thing since chocolate ice cream, or vanilla if you prefer that, the point is everyone, and I mean everyone is really exited!

Don Clark (Eli Libman) In Montreal, Don Clark was resident DJ and organizer at a monthly nightclub event called swing and skip, where he promoted the new electronic music sounds from the UK, such as UK garage and UK funky house, while other people were mainly putting on dubstep events. Swing and Skip was the first club night in North America to focus on the future sounds of UK Garage. Eventually swing and skip became a record label that will be releasing one of Don Clark's remixes in May. He started producing tunes about a year ago, but mostly includes music from his favorite producers in his mixes. He was a regular in the Montreal scene, playing club gigs, parties and raves. Here in New York, he has a weekly radio show on WNYU, where he promotes the latest in UK electronic sounds. He has also played at lofts, and clubs such as public assembly, amber lounge and retreat. He is currently resident DJ at New York based production company, Highfly Entertainment. This year he hopes to improve the quality of his productions, establish an online presence, and familiarize himself with the New York electronic music scene.

Sima Cunningham is a Chicago-based singer, songwriter and musician. She is currently studying music and cultural diplomacy at New York University. Sima recorded her first album, Squeeze, at age 15 with one of Chicago’s leading independent rock producers, Brian Deck. A year later, she and others formed the rock-n-roll group The Audians and recorded Aliens and Friends. Sima plays guitar and piano and is a classically trained singer with roots in many musical genres–from blues to rock to country to South African protest. The Chicago Sun-Times recognized her as one of three “Women to Watch Under 30”. Music critic Jim Derogatis heralded her as “an incredibly powerful and self-assured performer, with a smoky, sexy voice.” Sima has performed at many of Chicago’s premier music venues, including The Hideout, Pritzger Pavilion at Millennium Park, Cabaret Metro and Sub-T. As a member of the New York music scene, she has performed solo at music clubs such as Sidewalk Cafe and The Lovin’ Cup. For more info, contact:

Flearoy, a promising collection of five talented musicians, makes records like they used to be made -- with real people playing real instruments at the height of their ability. On its self-titled debut album, Flearoy presents a fresh blend of funk and folk in six finely crafted and proficiently produced original tunes, plus two old folk covers rediscovered and rearranged. Since its inception in 2008, Flearoy has claimed 2nd place in the SongCircle 2010 songwriting competition at the City Winery, played at New York’s Public Assembly, Bowery Poetry Club, Spike Hill, and The Bitter End, the 2008 and 2009 Vendy Awards, NYU’s 2009 Remmy Awards, as well as a series of packed house parties at Wesleyan University and Vassar College. They have recorded tracks for legendary country songwriter Rodney Crowell, and were described by renowned record producer/neuroscientist Dan Levitin as his "favorite new band since Arcade Fire." Members: Jon Seale (vocals) Dan Knobler (fender telecaster/national resonator) Matt Porter (organ/wurlitzer/clavinet/melodica) Zack Rosen (electric fretless bass/upright bass) Jason Burger (drums/auxiliary percussion) Flearoy is produced and recorded by Dan Knobler & Jon Seale. All songs arranged by Flearoy, original material written by Knobler/Seale (BMI)

SlutMuffin is an all girl 4 piece garage pop band that started out as a
 parody of the slutwave likes of Ke$ha, Britney Spears and Katy 
Perry. The
 recording featured on "Not (just) another 90s Compilation" features one of the first tracks they ever wrote back when their songwriting would only consist of 4 chords and sexual subject matter. Nowadays, even as SlutMuffin
 moves away from their slutcore roots, the band's main message will 
always be
 playful and badass.



Recently, Andrew Wotman has begun work on the material for his follow up to "On My Own". He has been playing shows both acoustically and with his band around the NYC area, as well at a Monday night jam at the now closed Cutting Room and The Bitter End with world renowned saxophonist Richie Cannata. You can also catch him occasionally sitting in as a guitarist with The Roots at their weekly jam. Come see Andrew live and you will be connected to a fresh new sound that stems from the all-time rock and funk greats, with just a touch of soul that is sure to please your ears. The debut release - ON MY OWN - is available on iTunes now and his new EP: The Mulberry Tree will be released sometime in late April or Late May.