BM in Music Business

BM in Music Business

Develop In-Demand Skills to Thrive in the Fast-Paced Music Industry

In the NYU Steinhardt Music Business program, we believe that it is necessary – and challenging – to recognize that music is two things at the same time: an artistic product and a commercial product. The skills you develop will serve you well in a fast-paced industry that needs thoroughly trained personnel who can apply business and administration theory to problems that have a strong aesthetic and artistic dimension.

In this bachelor of music program, you'll work with industry leaders and receive a solid education in both music and the liberal arts, take business courses at the NYU Stern School of Business, and gain valuable experience through internships in the world's music business capital.

What You'll Learn

Your coursework will include the following:

  • 14 credits of music business specialization courses, including classes in music publishing, concert management, entrepreneurship, and the international music business marketplace
  • 18 credits of music classes in music theory, aural comprehension, music history, keyboard skills, and music in contemporary world cultures
  • 40 credits of liberal arts core classes in writing, arts and humanities, macro and microeconomics, and mathematics
  • 20 credits of coursework at the NYU Stern School of Business, including marketing, financial accounting, management and organizational analysis, entertainment industry analysis, media planning, and entertainment law and finance

See the curriculum and requirements for this degree. 

How You'll Learn

Internship Experiences
You are required to complete 6 credits of internships (50 hours of work per credit) in order to graduate. Our students have interned at independent and major record labels, publishing companies, artist management firms, music television, music magazines, concert management agencies, and performance venues in New York City. Approximately 40% of our graduating seniors are offered jobs based on an internship or contact they made while at an internship.

Hands-On Learning
In addition to providing structured courses, our curriculum promotes individual choices and career development through an interactive classroom atmosphere, participation in our organization Village Records, and completion of research requirements. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as the Concert Program Board, radio station WNYU, and the Music Business Association. 

Creative and Professional Training
What can you learn at a university that will prepare you to succeed in an industry that is notoriously fluid and capricious? In our program, we first teach the structure of the industry – its systems, practices, rules and regulations – and then explore the reasons behind and changes in that structure. We'll encourage you to develop a critical analysis and interpretation of the industry structure.

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