Justin Stanley

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Justin Stanley

Justin Stanley is the founder of, and hornist for, the Wenham Street Brass, and the Education Director at A Street Music LLC. He started playing the horn when he was 11 years old. He had early successes in music performance – such as winning first chair in the Texas All-State competition – and he moved to New York to study with Joseph Anderer at New York University in 2004.

Justin gained a great deal of experience during his time in New York through regularly attending performances at the Metropolitan Opera, performing in NYU orchestra and wind ensemble concerts, or creating music with artists around New York. In 2006, Justin was a finalist for the wind-concerto competition and performed with the NYU Wind Ensemble. Performing chamber music at NYU, mainly in woodwind quintets, was important as it led to a deep love of chamber music and to the creation of the Wenham Street Brass in 2010. Justin views chamber music as an optimal medium to draw audiences and musicians alike into artistic experiences.

In 2008, Justin moved to Boston to attend the New England Conservatory and study with Jean Rife. Justin performed with the school’s Philharmonia Orchestra under Hugh Wolf, Benjamin Zander and others, but focused mainly on chamber music and Music-in-Education. His horn quartet was a finalist for the NEC Wind Concert Competition with their performance of Schumann’s Konzertstück. Justin completed his Masters Degree in horn performance with academic honors and a Music-in-Education concentration in 2010.

Music-in-Education (MIE), a program of study at NEC, focuses strongly on the idea of Artist-Teacher-Scholar, a framework that promotes the evolution and growth musical artistry, teaching artistry, and scholarship in NEC students. Justin applied these ideas to his own musicianship, and also began teaching regularly to private students, as an intern in public schools, as a teaching assistant for NEC graduate classes, in musical outreach through chamber ensembles, and eventually through A Street Music LLC, where he created an education program (including lessons, community outreach, student/teacher concerts, and summer camps).

Justin formed the Wenham Street Brass (WSB), a collective of brass players in Boston, for the purpose of achieving the highest musical standards and for teaching through artistic engagement. The WSB has commissioned music from notable composers (including Nathan Ball and an ongoing collaboration with Derek David), performed numerous outreach programs and recitals in its first year. Justin is the director of two summer music camps for children in the Boston area. Justin also performs regularly around the Boston area.