Cindy Tappe

Director of Finance and Administration, Metro Center

As Director of Finance and Administration, Cindy Tappe serves a liaison to Steinhardt’s Central office including finance office, she has supervisory oversight for the budget office of Metro Center and other Metro related faculty projects, and she is responsible for financial accountability and performance in support of the mission and work of Metro Center.

She oversees the Center’s budget of more than $25 million, helping to ensure fiscal viability of the Mero Center. This is not limited to the following: 1) Establish internal fiscal policies and insure adherence to center and university policies and practices. 2) Collaborate with project directors to assess project needs and determine budgets. 3) Evaluate financial needs for special projects and evaluate funding requests in direct relation to contract of grant specifics 4) Collaborate with project directors and follow up with funding agencies on account receivables. 5) Advise on fiscal policies and short term allocations, and develop and advise on long term allocation for the center. 6) Investigate and resolve budgetary issues that arise to ensure fiscal health of the center. Advise executive director of strategies and practice to insure fiscal health. Evaluate implications of unforeseen and unanticipated fiscal matters and determine resolutions for same. 7) Advise on overall budget strategies, cuts, amendments to Metro’s financial structure. 8) Analyze each year the effectiveness of prior years’ financial picture and forecast needs for the following year. 9) Cooperate with University compliance and monitoring efforts related to sponsored programs 10) Monitor and reconcile accounts and generate budget reports for all funding agencies and government contracts to ensure accurate financial reporting.

Mrs. Tappe has extensive experience in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, and has worked in the financial services and education sectors. Mrs. Tappe received an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Sociology in China and an MSIS from Stern Business School at NYU.