Stoop Nilsson

Equity Coach + Consultant, CSS

Headshot of Stoop Nilsson

Stoop is an Equity Coach + Consultant for the Center for Strategic Solutions, providing training, coaching, and support in developing critical consciousness, addressing implicit bias, and dismantling systems of inequity. Stoop Nilsson is a white, gender-expansive, queer, community organizer, creator, and strategist with two decades of people-engagement in non-profit, state, educational, and community settings. Stoop's work and organizing is focused on anti-racism, accountability, civil rights, harm reduction and recovery, LGBTQ advocacy, grassroots and grasstops leadership development, family reunification, and community mobilization. Stoop facilitates multi-racial and racial affinity group workshops and conversations. Through these and other projects, it is Stoop’s intention to cultivate freedom and expand access to a clearer racial justice and intersectional power analysis through the daily practice of building honest, authentic, and messy beloved community. Stoop holds a BS in Social Work, a Minor in Theology from Concordia University, and a MSW from Hunter College.