Dr. Fabienne Doucet Discussed Early Childhood Solutions within the Context of Race

The Brown Bag discussion of Metro Center was held on February 22 on the topic of “What do we tell the children?’ Early childhood educators as truth tellers in the era of alternate facts”.  

Dr. Fabienne leading the discussion

The conversation was led by Dr. Fabienne Doucet who began with the story of her 7-year-old daughter hurt by the racial comment from another kid on the play ground. She realized that educators should never use “development” as an excuse of not talking about things since for some children racial issues are bothering them as part of their life, especially in such a turmoil era. During the conversation, Dr. Fabienne asserted that educators should avoid silencing but to be truth teller—tell children the facts, help them to differentiate the facts and opinions held by different people by thinking about people’s standpoints, identity, and positionality, and establish space for students to develop their own perspectives.

Educators who attended the discussion also contributed to the conversations after Dr. Fabienne with valuable suggestions and practical strategies that can help teachers to foster the supportive environment that open for conversation to address political and racial issues happened to students.

By the end of the conversation, Dr. Fabienne suggested literature be a great gateway to talk things that we do not know how to talk about. 

Literature recommended by Dr. Fabienne as the gateway

The next discussion in the Brown Bag Speakers Series: Speak up/out Against the Election will be held on March 21 on the topic of “What does the election mean for transgender people?“ with featured speaker,  sj Miller, Metro Center Deputy Director for Education Supports and Services.