TAC-D 2017 Summer Institute Live Stream

Best practices for Livestream:
  • In advance of the event date, we recommend individual users go to and test playback of any event currently streaming through the platform.  This allows the individual to determine if their own unique firewall settings prevent video streaming.  Any questions resulting from this test should be directed to the individual's own IT support. 
  • For the strongest internet connection, we recommend using a wired Ethernet connection rather than wifi. This allows for smoother streaming.
  • Livestream automatically chooses between low, medium, and HD quality bandwith based on the strength of your connection. If you experience buffering, you can also lower your bandwith manually on the player.
  • You can test your connection speed using: (This allows you to gauge if your connection is unusually slow prior to an event. If the test does show poor results, please contact your own IT to advise).