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From Integration to Anti-Racism

The Education Justice Research and Organizing Collaborative (EJ-ROC) at NYU Metro Center works closely with grassroots organizations in communities of color to build strong groups and coalitions of parents fighting for racial justice in education at the city, state, and national levels. In recent years, Black parents have increasingly approached EJ-ROC about the divisions and mistrust between parents of color and white parents. White parents, driven by unexamined assumptions about leadership, often preempt the leadership of parent associations without taking the time to build relationships or understand the history and cultures of the communities they operate within. Such myopic efforts often marginalize long-involved parents of color and misalign school cultures to become more responsive to the efforts of privileged white parents.

From Integration to Anti-Racism provides anti-racist training to multiracial public school parent communities through workshops, coaching, skill-building & more. A critical part of this work is with white parents in order for them to understand and shift the destructive beliefs and patterns of internalized white supremacy. This new EJ-ROC initiative also helps white parents collaborate with parents of color in accountable ways, actively challenge racism in all of its forms, and take steps to transform racial power dynamics in our schools and communities. Understanding that the work to end white supremacy is primarily white people’s work,  EJ-ROC is committed to helping white public school parents develop the knowledge and skills to collaborate with communities of color to fight racism, use their privilege to challenge racial hierarchies, articulate race-based systems of power and privilege and how they structure our daily experience.

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EJ-ROC’s new initiative helps develop the following capacities, especially for white public school parents:

  • Awareness of the history of white supremacy, racism, and anti-racist struggles in our society and schools, how we have internalized messages and behaviors of white supremacy and white superiority, and how we act them out.
  • Ability to communicate our own stories and perspectives in ways that disrupt overt and coded racism, influence other white people, and shift mindsets.
  • Strategies for building enduring allies, supporting the leadership of parents of color, and developing effective methods of outreach and engagement to build multi-racial, multi-class Parent Associations.

EJ-ROC Offerings:

  • Antiracist training series for white public school parents: EJ-ROC offers a 6- month workshop series for white parents committed to disrupting and dismantling white supremacy in their schools, families, and communities. The training offers a grounding in antiracist principles and practices through readings, podcasts, small and large group discussions, role-plays, case studies, and interactive activities. Depending on the current context and needs of the group, topics covered may include:  Challenging Internalized white superiority; Decentering whiteness; Building genuine relationships across race & class; Interrupting racism in the playground, in schools, in communities; Anti-racist parenting; Developing a radical antiracist white identity.
  • Workshops, affinity groups and coaching for white and multiracial parent groups and organizations: EJ-ROC partners with parent groups and organizations developing projects to disrupt and dismantle white supremacy in their institutions, by designing and facilitating workshops tailored to their needs and interests, and providing consultation and coaching to staff and/or parent leaders.
  • Virtual book circle on me and white supremacy by Layla F. Saad: This group provides an opportunity for deep personal reflection and learning about the racism that white people have internalized and act upon both consciously and unconsciously. Through reading, journal prompts, and deep discussions, participants will be better equipped to disrupt racism and white supremacy in their families, schools and communities.

From Integration to Anti-Racism—Workshop Series for School-Based Parent Communities

For Multiracial Parent Communities in Schools
Four to six workshop series (2-3 hours each) 

For BIPOC parents, the goal is to build leadership, and create community for navigating and challenging  racist systems and practices. For white parents, the goal is to build awareness of their internalized  racist beliefs and behaviors, adopt new antiracist practices, and collaborate with parents of color in  accountable ways. The workshops will include small and large group discussions and activities, time  altogether and time in race-based affinity spaces, and the sharing of tools and best practices. 

These workshops are tailored and designed for each school community. Topics may include but are not limited to:  

  • The Air We Breath: Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture
  • Staying Off the Megaphone: Understanding and learning to de-center whiteness (for white  parents/caregivers) 
  • Recognizing & Interrupting Racial (micro) aggressions  
  • Building community and exploring our role in building antiracist parent community (for BIPOC  parents/caregivers)  
  • The Many Identities We Hold: Intersectionality 
  • Equitable & Anti Racist practices for parent organizations inside schools 

How We Show Up as White Parents in Multiracial Schools

This workshop series is designed for white parents and caregivers who are ready and committed  to examine their own racist attitudes and practices that they have internalized just by  virtue of being white in a racist and racialized society. The trainings span 6–8 monthly workshops for  2–2½ hours each. The series will explore the impact of white supremacy culture on how white parents  and caregivers show up in their multiracial school communities, and will include learning to decenter  whiteness, support and be accountable to parent leadership of color, and build antiracist muscles  and practices. Topics may include Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture, Internalized White  Superiority, De-centering Whiteness (Staying Off the Megaphone), Interrupting racism at school,  everywhere and every time, Building genuine and accountable relationships across race and class.

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