Minor in Media, Culture, and Communication

Undergraduate students enrolled in other majors and schools at New York University are welcome to minor in Media, Culture, and Communication.

MCC Minor Requirements 
Our 16-credit minor requires students to enroll in two of our core courses and two four-credit courses listed under our fields of study. Students wishing to declare a minor in Media, Culture, and Communication must meet with our academic advisers to enroll in restricted courses and discuss course selection. Students can schedule appointments with our academic advisers by calling our front desk at 212-998-5635. Please consult with an adviser from your home department and school before meeting with an adviser from our program.

Please note that effective Fall 2014, any student taking an MCC core course (MCC-UE 001, 003, or 014) must earn a B- or better to use that course toward the major or the minor. If a student receives a grade lower than a B-, that student may retake the course once to improve the grade, but only one retaken course is allowed.

Please also note, MCC minors must take all four classes to complete the minor within the MCC department. Transfer courses from other institutions will not be accepted for the minor.