MCC Minor Requirements

Choose two of the three core courses in the major. While we will allow any two of the following core courses, we strongly suggest that students complete MCC-UE 0001:

  • MCC-UE 0001 Introduction to Media Studies: 4 points
  • MCC-UE 0003 History of Media and Communication: 4 points
  • MCC-UE 0014 Media and Cultural Analysis *formerly titled Introduction to Media Criticism: 4 points

Plus two four-credit courses from the Media, Culture, and Communication fields of study course options. Please see above link for course descriptions.

Please note that effective Fall 2014, any student taking an MCC core course (MCC-UE 001, 003, or 014) must earn a B- or better to use that course toward the major or the minor. (Note: Core courses taken before Septmeber 1, 2014 are exempt from this grade requirement.) If a student receives a grade lower than a B-, that student may retake the course once to improve the grade, but only one retaken course is allowed.

Total credits required: 16