Undergraduate Courses

MCC-UE 9775 / E59.1775099 - Advertising Techniques: Media Industries in China (Shanghai)

"The China market is real. The China opportunity is real. The promise of Chinese consumerism is real…but easy to squander." This course covers the critical importance of culture in shaping buyers’ decisions. The motivations of Chinese consumers, as influenced by history and culture, will be examined in terms of the growing middle class, the urban mass market and the expanding roles of men, women and youth. Carrying forth from such an in-depth look at this emerging power, students will be given important lessons and guidelines for success in Mainland China. “Advertising Techniques: Media Industries in China” will also offer tools to succeed in the Middle Kingdom. Learning from consumer insights, developing brand vision and creating a product portfolio are just a few of the key skills covered to establish sure footing in such a new a fast-growing market. These rules are drawn from a reflection on the successes and failures of the multinational corporations who entered the market.