Undergraduate Courses

MCC-UE 1760 - Innovations in Marketing

Fall 2018

MCC-UE 1760.001 Marketing, Television, Film and Other Media

*Note: This course is being offered with three distinct themes for Fall 2018. This is Section .001. 

This class will take an in-depth look at the craft of marketing television, film, web and other media. We’ll examine the changing media landscape and uncover how marketing a media property has evolved. Students will compare and contrast successful campaigns from not-so-successful ones, and will learn about targeting messaging to both consumers and business partners, including advertisers and distributors. Each student will get hands on experience creating a strategic, comprehensive marketing plan and developing a creative campaign for the media property of his or her choice. We’ll go step-by-step on the “how to,” examining research, focusing messaging, brainstorming together and sharing ideas to best inspire innovation. Guest speakers will include marketing leaders from the entertainment, branding and publishing communities, who will give first-hand accounts of what it takes to break through with an effective campaign and create a major hit. Students will leave the class with a thorough understanding of what it takes to develop, execute and measure the success of a creative marketing campaign.

MCC-UE 1760.002 Brand Strategy and Design

*Note: This course is being offered with three distinct themes for Fall 2018. This is Section .002. 

This course examines how contemporary brand strategy and marketing strategy come together in the creation of design. We will take an in-depth look at establishing a common vocabulary for the entire creative team so that strategy, behavior, actions and communications are all aligned to make work that is impactful and meaningful. Students will gain an understanding of the processes that are necessary before and after design comes into play from research and ideation to creation. Through a series of lectures and projects students will look at the history of brands, case studies and examine insights originating from human centered design techniques in order to create campaigns that have a clear focus and lasting impact through print, web and social media.

MCC-UE 1760.003 Multi-Cultural Issues In Consumer Power Online

*Note: This course is being offered with three distinct themes for Fall 2018. This is Section .003. 

This course will explore the power of various sub-cultures in the United States to spark both economic and social change. We will begin with uncovering the history of economic exclusion of major consumer segments in the U.S. Next, we’ll discuss significant consumer movements (i.e. boycotts) that demanded marketplace inclusion. Then, we’ll discuss the development of multicultural marketing as a means to control multi-cultural images and solidifying their valuable contributions to society at large.  Next, we’ll discuss how consumer movements continue to thrive online via social media, e-commerce, mobile, and other digital means. Digital commerce and communication have increased consumer power both in voice and purchase. It is imperative that brands are able to quickly respond to the needs of various consumer groups or be left behind.  As such, this course will culminate in a group final project and a final individual essay that will address a brand’s strategic response to a real-time challenge related to the course material.