MCC-UE 1310 - Culture and Media in Urban China

What does it mean to be “urban” in China and how is Chinese urbanism mediated by new cultural formations? In this course we will examine the culture and media that define city life in China, including Chinese state and popular media, television and film, music, fashion, verbal art and literature (in print and online) and visual art. We will focus on the period from the building booms of the mid-to-late nineties to the present. Students will work in teams to make presentations on urban culture, and use primary sources in translation and secondary sources to write individual essays. Chinese language ability appreciated but by no means required

*This course will run as a Global Honors Seminar in Fall 2012  and will have an additional travel component in the January 2012 term.  Students must apply for the program.  Contact for more information.  

Sample Syllabus