Undergraduate Courses

MCC-UE 1303 - Privacy and Media Technology

Few values have been as unalterably disturbed by developments in new media as privacy. This course presents a philosophical, social, and legal inquiry into the impact of digital communications upon privacy & its meanings, in order to prepare students to recognize, contextualize, and analyze privacy challenges created by new information technologies.  We will explore the philosophical roots of privacy as a deeply held social value and consider how it may conflict with other values, such as freedom of speech, anonymity, efficiency, accountability, and national security.  Our discussions will be situated in leading ethical and legal controversies concerning new media tools (e.g., social networks, mobile apps, digital e-readers, wearable health sensors), practices (e.g., online tracking, behavioral advertising, automated face recognition, video surveillance), platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps), and other topics shaping today's privacy discourse.