Undergraduate Courses

MCC-UE 1199 - Workshop in Digital and Computational Media

This course gives students a structured classroom environment for hands-on, critical inquiry, and research guidance along with feedback and support for individually designed and executed digital media and computational projects at the graduate level. This course may be taken as an add-on production unit in conjunction with another MCC course, or it may be taken as a stand-alone course in which students develop an independent project that may be an outgrowth of an earlier MCC course. Open to graduate students by permission of instructor only.

Students will arrive in this course with a project already in development (growing out of a concurrent companion course in MCC or out of a previous semester’s research paper or unrealized production project that is an outgrowth of MCC coursework). The goal of this course is for the students to produce a finished digital or computational project worthy of submission to an extra-academic online venue or publication, worthy of presentation at an academic conference, or worthy of submission to a website or some other forum for presenting multi-modal scholarly research projects.

The student will also develop and present a polished oral presentation and showcase debut of the project, for an audience of student peers and faculty.

Admission to the course is by: a) enrollment in another MCC collaborating course (courses in which instructors have collaborated in advance to provide this workshop option), and/or b) by instructor permission, which may be obtained by emailing instructor with a project proposal, which will then be evaluated.