Undergraduate Courses

MCC-UE 1018 - Kids in Media Culture

In this course, students will examine how young people of different ages and backgrounds use, value, and find meaning in different media in different kinds of contexts, and we discuss the social, cultural, and political implications of these lived experiences. In addition, we will explore how we might address the issues raised by the contemporary communication environment, and by the realities of young people's complex interactions with popular media. Books required are David Buckingham's After the Death of Childhood: Growing Up in the Age of Electronic Media and Fisherkeller's Growing up with Television: Everyday Learning Among Young Adolescents. A packet of readings will include cultural audience studies investigating different actual kids' relationships to different media in a variety of social contexts. The culminating assignment for this class requires students to write a paper addressing a 'real' audience outside of the classroom informing them about the issues of the course, and proposing how that audience might take a course of action in response.