Technology Support

Computer Support

The Steinhardt IT team provides MCC with technology support. They can be reached at Personal computers are not supported. 

NYU Campus Media

Faculty who need A/V equipment in classrooms should make requests through NYU Campus Media. Please contact Darrell Carter who can assist with making these requests. If you wish to know what A/V a particular classroom or conference room offers, you can search Campus Media's classroom database.

Access NYU Wireless 

Access to NYURoam, the campus wireless network, requires a NYU NetID and password authentication. The nyuguest wireless network is available for visitors. If you have a guest who will need to connect to the Internet via wireless, you can request an nyuguest username and password from MCC reception.

Editing Your Faculty Bio
  • Locate your Bio webpage
  • Append "/edit" to the URL (
  • Use your NYU NetID and password when prompted
  • View full instructions 
MCC Media Lab

The MCC Media Lab, located at 239 Greene Street, contains two Macs for special projects and use by MCC Faculty and PhD students. If you require Media Lab assistance, please email the Media Lab. For more information about Media Lab Services, please read the Media Lab overview. The MCC Media Lab loans out A/V equipment for occasional class or Department projects. Please note: The Media Lab does not set up equipment in classrooms. 

Additional campus technology centers are available to all NYU students, faculty, and staff.

Website or Digital Project Support

NYU's Digital Studio staff can assist NYU students and faculty with file management and digital publication, including building personal Wordpress websites. Faculty may be interested in the Faculty Digital Archive, a visible repository of NYU scholarship, allowing digital works, —text, audio, video, data, and more —to be shared and securely stored.

NYU's Digital Scholarship Services team at Bobst offers consultations with NYU faculty and students about ways to use digital scholarship and digital humanities tools and methods in research and teaching. 

Teaching with Technology 

Faculty wanting to incorporate technology into their teaching should review the many resources offered by the University.

File Sharing and Storage

The easiest way to share files is via NYU Drive. Those seeking cloud-based storage for sensitive data should use NYU Box.


Videoconferencing is available for use by faculty and doctoral students at a number of locations around campus, including at 239 Greene Street (rooms 712 and 741). Additional video conferencing rooms on campus are managed by NYU IT.

Online Training with

The majority of the NYU community now has access to, an online video training library with expert-led videos. NYU community members can use to learn the latest techniques in business, digital media, design, photography, animation, development, and more.


MCC Purchasing Policy
MCC maintains software licenses based on two categories: tier 1 software (Windows Operating System, Mac Operating System, MS Office) which is purchased for all machines and tier 2 software (Final Cut, Adobe Creative Suite). Due to limited resources, individual faculty requests generally are not purchased by the Department and should be bought via IDA or other funds.

Free Software Downloads
NYU IT distributes licenses for select software including anti-virus software.

MCC Website

To request updates to the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication website, email MCC's Associate Director for External Relations. Students and faculty are encouraged to send news items to be considered for the MCC homepage.