Department of Nutrition and Food Studies

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Name Title Email Phone
Amy Bentley Professor of Food Studies 212-998-5580
Jennifer Berg Clinical Associate Professor; Director, Graduate Food Studies Program 212-998-5597
Jessica Bihuniak Assistant Professor of Clinical Nutrition
Carolyn Dimitri Associate Professor; Director, Food Studies PhD Program 212-992-7899
Judith Gilbride Professor, Nutrition 212-998-5590
Sally Guttmacher Professor Emerita, Nutrition and Food Studies 212-998-5616
Kristie Lancaster Associate Professor; Director, Graduate Nutrition Program 212-998-5594
James Macinko Associate Professor, Public Health (on leave) 212-998-5592
Charles Mueller Clinical Associate Professor, Nutrition; Director, DPD 212-992-6712
Marion Nestle Paulette Goddard Professor and Professor Emerita, NFS 212-998-5595
Fabio Parasecoli Professor
Domingo PiƱero Clinical Associate Professor, Nutrition; Director, Undergraduate Program 212-998-5145
Krishnendu Ray Associate Professor, Food Studies; Department Chair 212-998-5530
Lisa Sasson Clinical Assistant Professor, Nutrition; Director, Dietetic Internship 212-998-5585
Gustavo Setrini Assistant Professor, Food Studies 212-998-5621
Beth Weitzman Professor, Public Health & Policy 212-998-7446
Kathleen Woolf Associate Professor; Director, Nutrition PhD Program 212-992-7898