The next deadline is December 1, 2018 for Fall 2019 admission (start September 2019). 

Application Instructions

The Steinhardt Graduate Appliccation Guide provides information on all aspects of the PhD application including

  • Transcript, test score, and letters of recommendations guides
  • Financial Aid
  • Tuition of cost and attendance
  • Instructions for international applicants
  • Policy on appliccation fee waivers
  • Where to send missing or additional documents

The application guides for the PhD in Media, Culture, and Communication offers specific instructions on how to apply. 

Minimum Requirements and Selection Criteria for Admission

Admission to the PhD Program in Media, Culture, and Communication (MCCD) is very competitive. By mid-February, the top candidates will be contacted for a video interview. Following the interviews, six applicants are admitted and begin the program the following September. Doctoral students in Media, Culture, and Communication typically receive full fellowship funding for five years.

Applicants are rarely accepted who score below 160 on the Verbal section of the GRE and 4.5 on the Analytical Writing section. That said, no applicant will be admitted nor denied admission solely on the basis of a single score. 

Success in a theory and research-driven doctoral program such as the Media, Culture, and Communication depends heavily on a candidate's ability to read and think critically, to reason with acuity, and to write with clarity, precision, and fluency. We devote particular attention in selecting candidates for admission to evidence of an applicant's abilities in these areas, and to the background work of an applicant in the area/topic s/he intends to pursue.

We encourage our doctoral students to think about their dissertation research before they arrive and we ask that applicants to the PhD program submit essays that state a clear and concise research agenda that matches with those supported and initiated by our faculty members. No matter how qualified an applicant may be to pursue advanced study in the area/topic s/he has identified, s/he will require the direction and support of the faculty members both knowledgeable about and interested in that area/topic. Particular attention is given, in selecting candidates for admission, to the "goodness of fit" between an applicant and her/his interests and the qualifications, competencies, and interests of the department's faculty. 

We receive an enormous number of inquiries about our program. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page will provide you with basic information and the steps you should take in order to become familiar with our faculty and program.