NYU Security Research Seminar

The Security Research Seminar at New York University is a weekly meeting of students, faculty, policy makers and industry professionals interested in analyzing the ways in which advanced technologies are putting pressure on legal regimes and concepts of security. The seminar addresses a variety of perspectives on security in a digital age, including security of information and software, computer networks, cyber-physical systems and infrastructure and will include discussions about national as well as international cyber-security law and policy. We host talks about ongoing research and initiatives and provides a platform for integrating technical, cyber and information security issues with broader societal and legal dynamics.

The seminar was launched in January 2014 and is a collaboration of the Information Law Institute, the Center on Law and Security at NYU School of Law, the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Security and Privacy at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, and Steinhardt’s Department of Media, Culture, and Communication. We welcome participation from all NYU faculty, research affiliates, and graduate students, as well as experts in neighboring institutions. However, attendance at meetings is generally limited to those who can commit to ongoing participation during the semester. The seminar is hosted bi-weekly, alternating between locations in Manhattan (Furman Hall, 3rd floor, Room 334, 245 Sullivan Street) and Brooklyn (2 Metrotech Center, 9th floor, Room 9.007). Please contact seminar coordinator and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Information law Institute, Joris van Hoboken if you would like to discuss joining the group or want to suggest work-in-progress that would be suitable to present.

Fall 2014 | Thursdays, 10:30 - 11:45 a.m. (bi-weekly)

September 11:
Helen Nissenbaum, Professor, NYU Steinhardt
Where Computer Security Meets National Security Revisited
Furman Hall, Manhattan

September 18:
Nasir Memon, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering
Authenticating Humans: Past, Present and Future
2 Metrotech, Brooklyn

October 2:
Ramesh Karri, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering
An Introduction to Hardware Security
Furman Hall, Manhattan

October 16:
Ari Baranoff, Assistant Special Agent In Charge of the Secret Service Criminal Investigative Division
Organized Cybercrime – Threats, Trends and Tactics
2 Metrotech, Brooklyn

October 30:
Seda Guerses, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NYU Steinhardt
Security Origami: The Art of Folding Security Engineering into Privacy, Security and Cybersecurity
Furman Hall, Manhattan

November 13: (NB instead of 14)
No regular meeting due to CSAW 

November 20:
Alexander Abdo, Staff Attorney, Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, ACLU
Andrew Weissmann, Senior Fellow, Center for Law and Security, NYU School of Law
A Conversation on Industry Encryption Measures and Government Access to Data
Furman Hall, Manhattan

December 4:

Spring 2014 | Tuesdays, 10:30–11:45 a.m.

January 28:
Initial Meeting

February 4:
Meredith Whittaker, Program Manager, Google Research
Knowing What Isn't There: Measuring Internet Censorship and Network Interference
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February 11:
John DeLong, Director of Compliance at the National Security Agency (NSA)
Ensuring Compliance at the NSA

February 18:
Simson Garfinkel, Associate Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School
Can We Sniff [Wi-Fi]? Implications of Joffe v. Google for security educators and researchers 
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February 25:
Finn Brunton, Assistant Professor in Media, Culture and Communication at NYU Steinhardt
Security Threads and Blockchains: Understanding Monetary Security, On and Offline
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March 4:
Andrew Weissmann, Senior Fellow in the Center for Law and Security and the Center on the Administration of Criminal Law; Adjunct Professor of Law
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court—How It Works and Does It Work? 

March 11:
Marc Rotenberg, Executive Director Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Reviewing the Review Group: Assessing the Report and Recommendations of the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies

March 25: 
Dan Guido, Hacker in Residence, NYU Poly and CEO, Trail of Bits
The Professional Security Field: Changing Trends and Methods in Vulnerability Disclosure
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April 1:
Shai Halevi, Research Staff Member, Cryptography Research Group, IBM Research
Things That Cryptography Can Do 
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April 8:
Brendan Del Pozo, New York Police Department
Total awareness: Big Data and Big Policing in New York City

April 15:
Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Technology Fellow, American Civil Liberties Union 
[view slides]

April 22:
Axel Arnbak, Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Any Colour You Like: The History (and Future?) of Communications Security Conceptualizations
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April 29:
Judith H. Germano, Senior Fellow at the Center on Law and Security at NYU School of Law
Cybersecurity & Data Privacy: Legal Risks and Challenges