Ron Weiss


Former Post-Doctoral Researcher

Group: Music Informatics


Personal Website


Ron Weiss is currently a software engineer at Google. Previously, he was a postdoc working on music information retrieval with Juan Bello at MARL at NYU. Earlier still, he was a graduate research assistant working with Dan Ellis in the Laboratory for the Recognition and Organization of Speech and Audio (LabROSA). He defended his dissertation in May 2009 (watch him write it at about 50,000 * real-time here).

His research interests lie at the intersection of audio signal processing and machine learning. His dissertation research was devoted to model based source separation, but he also found time to do a bit of music signal analysis to create some wacky remixes on the side. He's also done some work on music information retrieval. You can find more (outdated) information on his projects page.