Finn Upham


Ph.D. Candidate

Group: Music Cognition


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A music technology PhD student at NYU since 2011, Finn Upham approaches music cognition research with a mixture of musical and academic experiences. She holds degrees in Music Theory (B.Mus. ’08), Mathematics (B. Sc. ’08), and Music Technology (M. A. ’11)  from McGill University in her home town of Montreal. Outside of the lab, Finn is a bassoonist, an amateur dancer of many styles, an enthousiastic choral singer, a dismal pianist, and she occasionally feels nostalgic for the good old days of playing crash cymbals in her high school marching band.

Formerly student member of CIRMMT and BRAMS, Finn Upham began working with Stephen McAdams and Dan Levitin on continuous responses to music in 2007, and this topic continues to be the focus of her research. Her methodological work investigates synchrony in listeners responses to music, whether continuous ratings or physiological responses, some of which is shared via the Continuous Response Analysis Wiki.