Rachel Bittner


Ph.D. Candidate

Group: Music Informatics

Email: rachel.bittner@nyu.edu

Personal Website


Rachel Bittner is part of MARL's Music Informatics group and under the direction of Dr. Juan P. Bello. She received her M.S. in Mathematics from NYU’s Courant Institute in 2013, and both a B.S. in Mathematics and B.M. in Music Performance from UC Irvine. Her research focuses on machine learning in music informatics for problems including melody extraction, pitch tracking, and source separation. She is a flute player, and has studied with Robert Dick, Patti Cloud, and Barbara Breeden. In the past, Rachel has worked as a research associate in NASA Ames Research Center's Audio Laboratory with Dr. Durand Begault, and will spend this coming summer having a blast at Spotify in NYC.