The Learning Analytics Research Network (LEARN) combines advanced data science methods with the careful design and implementation of novel learning approaches in order to research how new advances in technology can promote equitable and effective education. The primary thrust of initial work focuses on developing analytics that support instructors and students at NYU to maximize the success of their teaching and learning activities.


Learning Analytics is the development and application of data science methods to the distinct characteristics, needs, and concerns of educational data for the purpose of better understanding and supporting learning processes and outcomes. LEARN brings together those with expertise in computational methods, teaching and learning practices, educational technology design, and societal/policy perspectives on education in a unique, institution-wide interdisciplinary network.

LEARN researchers employ both experimental and developmental research designs to build, validate, and effectively deploy analytic technologies that make a positive impact on learning and teaching. This impact occurs through both short-cycles improvements to educational practice and long-cycle improvements to the underlying knowledge base. Through research- practice partnerships and capacity-building activities, LEARN works with students, instructors and designers to better understand how technology can support teaching and learning. The ultimate goal is for NYU to become a leader in research on technology-enhanced education, with a culture of cutting-edge pedagogical experimentation as a “living learning lab.”

LEARN is a supportive and inclusive community of researchers and practitioners working to both conduct interdisciplinary data-intensive research and development, and stimulate the development of scholars, analysts, educators and leaders who understand and use data in ethical and effective ways to promote positive change. LEARN is a locally grounded, internationally-known intellectual hub for design and analytic innovation, a place where radical new ideas about digital education, data, and analytics arise, germinate, and inspire new action and research in scholarly fields.


Alyssa Wise
Associate Professor of Learning Sciences/Educational Technology