Research Studies

"Testing the Efficacy of INSIGHTS in Enhancing the Academic Context"

Sandee McClowry (PI); Elise Cappella; Erin O'Connor

The primary aim of our third prevention trial is to test the efficacy of INSIGHTS, compared to a Read Aloud program, in enhancing the academic learning context of kindergarten and 1st grade inner-city classrooms. The study is being conducted in partnership with 22 low performing schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods in New York City. The child participants for this study will include approximately 792 students who will be recruited in kindergarten and followed through 1st grade. Their parents and teachers also will be participants. The children and their teachers will be from approximately 178 classrooms. The majority of the participants are expected to be African American.

This group randomized trial will be conducted with three cohorts. Students will receive intervention in the second half of kindergarten and the first half of 1st grade. Teachers and parents will be engaged in their programs during the same time. Data, including standardized instruments and observational measures, will be collected at the beginning of kindergarten and followed by four assessment points by the end of 1st grade. Among the outcomes that will be studied are student academic achievement and classroom behavior, including aggression, engagement, attentiveness and the teacher-child relationship. Hierarchical linear modeling will be used to describe how children's classroom behaviors change over time, identify predictors of change, and examine the mediating role of change in classroom behaviors on the association between INSIGHTS  and achievement over time.

This study is funded by the Institute of Education Sciences for $2.93 million.

"Testing a Parent/Teacher Collaborative Prevention Model"
Sandee McClowry (PI); Catherine Tamis-LeMonda; David Snow-Yale University

The purpose of this competing continuation grant is to test the effectiveness of a parent/teacher collaborative model of INSIGHTS in not only reducing child behavior problems, but also in enhancing parent, child, and teacher competency. INSIGHTS is currently comprised of three parallel components: a parenting program, an intervention for teachers, and a universal drama therapy program for the targeted children and their classmates. Based on data from the partnering inner city school district, the parallel model currently in use will be refined into a collaborative model. The specific aims of this proposed study are to: 1) Generate knowledge on the family and school risk and protective processes that influence inner city children's competency; 2) Compare the effectiveness of a collaborative versus a parallel model of INSIGHTS in reducing child behavior problems and in enhancing the competency of parents, teachers, and children; and 3) Explore the child, parent, and teacher factors which contribute to differential intervention effectiveness.

This study was funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research (2R01NR04781) from 6/01/03-5/31/2008 for $2.75 million.

"A School-Based Intervention for Inner City Children"
Sandee McClowry (PI); Catherine Tamis-LeMonda; David Snow-Yale University

The primary aim of this study is to test the effectiveness of INSIGHTS, a temperament-based, comprehensive selective prevention intervention for inner city minority school-age children. The study will contrast over time the behavior and perceptions of first and second grade children who have participated in INSIGHTS compared with those in an active control group receiving an after-school Read Aloud Program. The impact on the parents and teachers will also be examined.

This study was funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research (1R01NR04781) from 6/01/98-5/31/2003 for $2.5 million.