INSIGHTS' Curriculum

The INSIGHTS curriculum is summarized in the following table:



Content for Teachers and Parents

Children in the Classrooms

The 3Rs: Recognize, Reframe, and Respond

  • Recognize differences in children’s temperaments;
  • Reframe one’s perspectives to appreciate that each temperament has strengths and conversely areas of concerns;
  • Differentiate caregiver responses that are optimal, adequate, and counter-productive. 

Enhance Empathy Skills

With the help of puppets, understand that people have different temperaments that make some situations easy to handle while others are challenging. 

The 2Ss: Scaffold and Stretch

  • Scaffold a child when he/she encounters a temperament-challenging situations;  
  • If manageable with support, gently stretch the child so that he/she can better regulate emotional, attentional, and behavioral reactions. 

Learn How to Resolve Dilemmas

Work with puppets, the facilitator, and teacher to learn self-regulation strategies by resolving hypothetical dilemmas using a stoplight (red: recognize dilemma; yellow: think and plan; green: try it out)

The 2Cs: Gain Compliance and Competence

  • Apply consistent disciplining strategies for non-compliant behavior; 
  • Contract with individual children who have repetitive behavior problems; and
  • Foster social competencies.  


Resolve Real Dilemmas

Apply the same problem-solving process and self-regulation strategies to dilemmas that the children experience in their daily lives.