Working Groups

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IHDSC Working Groups Fall 2016

“Supporting workforces to enhance child and family outcomes"
Group lead: Dr. Anil Chacko (Steinhardt)
Additional Members:
Drs. LaRue Allen (Steinhardt), Laurie Brotman (SOM), Elise Cappella (Steinhardt), Andrew Cleek (Social Work), Erin Godfrey (Steinhardt), Shabnam Javdani (Steinhardt), Michael Lindsey (Social Work), and Alan Mendelsohn (SOM)

“Conference on the Use of Conditional Cash Transfers to Improve Children's Outcomes"
Group lead: Dr. Christopher Flinn (FAS)
Additional Members:
Drs. Lawrence Aber (Steinhardt), Daniela Del Boca (FAS), and Pamela Morris (Steinhardt)