Seed Awards

The Institute of Human Development and Social Change represents a dynamic collaboration of New York University's Schools of Arts and Science, the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, and the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. The Institute provides support for NYU faculty to conduct multidisciplinary research on human development and changing social contexts. A central goal is to bridge the longstanding disconnect between research in human development across the lifespan and policies and practices that affect children, youth, adults, and families.

Below, awards are listed by faculty member, NYU unit, and project title, followed by a brief description of the research study.

(Click on the project titles for a short summary.)

IHDSC Seed Funding Fall 2016

Dr. Siwei Cheng (FAS)
Fangqi Wen (FAS)
"Survey Experiments on Americans’ Perceptions and Attitudes about Economic Inequality and Social Mobility"

Drs. Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng & Ying Lu (Steinhardt)
"How Do You Apply? Racial/Ethnic Patterns in Strategizing College Applications based on SAT Scores"

IHDSC Seed Funding Fall 2015

Drs. Emily Balcetis (FAS) and Charles McIlwain (Steinhardt)
"Psychological Development of Perceptions of Leadership"

Drs. Lisa Gennetian (Steinhardt) & Joy Kennedy (Steinhardt)
"Measuring the Effects of a Text-Based Early Language Intervention on the Home Language Environment of Low Income Infants"

Dr. Jennifer Jennings (FAS) & Nicholas Mark (Columbia University)
"Collaboration in Charter Management Organizations: A Proposal for a Pilot Study in New Orleans"

Dr. Cybele Raver (Steinhardt)
Co-Investigators: Kat Adams (Steinhardt) & Dr. George Kachergis (FAS)
Collaborator: Dr. Todd Gureckis (FAS)
"Applying computer science models of self-directed learning to new measures of young children’s academically-oriented 'soft skills'"

IHDSC Seed Funding Spring 2015

Drs. Elise Cappella (Steinhardt) & Michael Kieffer (Steinhardt)
"Cooperative Learning in Afterschool Programs: Mechanisms of Language Development for ELL and non-ELL Youth"

Dr. Pat Shrout (FAS)
Co-Investigators: Crystal Clarke (FAS), Dr. Eric Knowles (FAS), Dr. Diane Hughes (Steinhardt), & Dr. Amanda Geller (FAS)
"Understanding the reactions of Black male youth to police"

IHDSC Seed Funding Spring 2014

Drs. Karen E. Adolph (FAS), Mary Jo Messito (Medicine), Alan Mendelsohn (Medicine), & Rachel Gross (Children's Hospital at Montefiore)
"Effects of Overweight Status on Locomotor Skill and Exploration in Infants"

Drs. Sean Corcoran (Steinhardt) & Jennifer Jennings (FAS)
"Decision supports for high school choice: piloting a set of random interventions"

Drs. Mary McKay (Social Work), Robert Lloyd Walker (University of Oxford), Lawrence Aber (Steinhardt), & Gary Parker (Social Work)
"On shame as a psychosocial dimension of poverty: A complementary study in the United States"

IHDSC Seed Funding Fall 2012

Drs. Joshua Aronson & Pedro Noguera (Steinhardt)
"Using Mindsets and Meditation to Reduce Suspension Disproportionality"

Drs. Dana Burde (Steinhardt), Joel Middleton (Steinhardt), & Cyrus Samii (FAS)
"Community-based Schools, Social Cohesion, and Trust in Government: A Randomized Field Experiment in Afghanistan"

Dr. Edward Seidman (Steinhardt)
"The Whole Classroom is Better than the Sum of its Parts: Development of an Observation Tool"

Drs. Diana Silver & Tod Mijanovich (Steinhardt)
"Do City Economic Conditions Compound the Effects of Neighborhood Distress for Pregnant Women"

IHDSC Seed Funding Fall 2011

Drs. Elise Cappella & Ed Seidman (Steinhardt)
"School Transitions and Early Adolescent Development: Secondary Data Analysis and Intervention Development"

Dr. Dohoon Lee (FAS)
"Temporal Patterns of Parental Influence and Child Educational Attainment"

Dr. Marjorie Rhodes (FAS)
"The Role of Generic Language in the Development of Essentialism"

Drs. Pat Sharkey (FAS) & Josh Aronson (Steinhardt)
"Harnessing the Power of Social Networking Technology to Reduce the Effects of Stereotype Threat"

Drs. Diana Silver & James Macinko (Steinhardt)
"Assessing State Public Health Laws to Improve Children’s Health and Safety"

IHDSC Seed Funding Fall 2010

Drs. Lawrence Aber & Pamela Morris (Steinhardt)
"School Reform and Beyond 0-3: Strategies to Improve the School Readiness of Low-Income Infants and Toddlers"

Drs. Karen Adolph (FAS), Catherine Tamis-LeMonda (Steinhardt), & Lana Karasik (FAS)
"Infants in Transition: Effects of Posture and Locomotion in Infants' Actions with Objects and People"

Dr. Pamela Morris (Steinhardt)
"Income Volatility and Child Development"

Dr. Lawrence Wu (FAS)
"Pre-Marital Sexual Activity and Fertility"

IHDSC Seed Funding Spring 2010

Dr. Matthew Wiswall (FAS)
"Household Choices and Child Development"

IHDSC Seed Funding Fall 2009

Dr. Perry Halkitis (Steinhardt)
"HIV and Aging" 

IHDSC Seed Funding, Fall 2008

Dr. Dalton Conley (FAS)
"The Significance of Timing of in Utero Impact of PM and PAH on Child Development: Using 9/11 as a Natural Experiment"

Dr. Lawrence Wu (FAS)
"Non-Marital Fertility"

IHDSC Seed Funding, Fall 2007

Dr. Diane Hughes (Steinhardt)
Relations Between Ethnicity, Context, and Parenting Processes in Diverse Families: A meeting of the Study Group on Race, Culture, and Ethnicity

IHDSC Seed Funding, Summer 2007

Dr. Fabienne Doucet (Steinhardt)
A Critical Analysis of Institutional Discourse about Parent Involvement in a Head Start Program Serving Caribbean Immigrants

Drs. Ingrid Ellen & Katherine O'Regan (Wagner)
Residential Decisions and Neighborhood Economic Transitions in Cities and Suburbs

Drs. Faye Ginsburg & Rayna Rapp (FAS)
Cultural Innovation: The Changing Social Context of Learning Disabilities 

Dr. Erin O'Connor (Steinhardt)
The Effects of Child and Classroom Characteristics on Children's Behavior Problems

IHDSC Seed Funding, Fall 2006

Drs. Niobe Way, Yeung, Yoshikawa, Guthrie, Kahana-Kalman, Tamis-LeMonda, Fong, and Chen (Steinhardt & FAS)
Human Development in the Changing Social and Economic Contexts of China