Selected Research Projects

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ABC intervention in Early Head Start Programs: Reducing the effects of toxic stress for children in poverty

Assessment of Learning Outcomes from Community-based Education in Afghanistan

beELL: Nudging Children to a Better Start

Cancer, Insulin Resistance, and Lifestyle (CIRCLE) Study

CSRP: Chicago School Readiness Project

Databrary: An open video-based data-sharing system for developmental science

Does Early Intervention Benefit Social-Emotional & Academic Development in Middle School?: A Follow-up Study of INSIGHTS

Effects of BPA and Phthalates on Adiposity and Metabolic Risk Factors in Women

Household Decision-Making and Child Development

Income Volatility and its Effects on Children

Leveling the Playing Field for High School Choice Through Informational Tools: A Randomized Intervention Study

National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families

NYU Neuroscience and Education Lab

OPEQ: Opportunities for Equitable Access to Quality Basic Education in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Outdoor falls prevention

Reducing Inequality in Settings of Care (RISC)

Risk and Protective Factors for Suicide among Sexual Minority Youth

SMART Beginnings

Strengthening the Architecture for High Quality Universal Pre-K

Teacher Instructional Practices and Processes System (TIPPS)

Traditional Cradling Practices and Short- and Long-Term Effects on Infants Development

Using Authentic Assessment to Individualize Classroom Instruction