About the ToolsK Study

The ToolsK study evaluated the efficacy of an early childhood curriculum, Tools of the Mind, in improving self-regulation, academic achievement, and social-emotional development. Funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, the study followed children longitudinally from kindergarten through first grade in collaboration with school districts of Cape Cod, Lynn, Western Massachusetts, Central Massachusetts, and Greater Boston. 

Selected Publications:

Blair C, Raver CC (2014) Closing the Achievement Gap through Modification of Neurocognitive and Neuroendocrine Function: Results from a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial of an Innovative Approach to the Education of Children in Kindergarten. PLoS ONE9(11): e112393.

Daneri M. P., Blair C. (2017). Bidirectional relations between executive function and expressive vocabulary in kindergarten and first grade. Stud. Psychol. (in press). 

Study News: