Publications & Presentations

Selected FLP Publications:

Sulik, M. J., Blair, C., Mills‐Koonce, R., Berry, D., & Greenberg, M. (2015). Early parenting and the development of externalizing behavior problems: longitudinal mediation through children's executive function. Child development, 86(5), 1588-1603.

Raver, C. C., Blair, C., & Willoughby, M. (2013). Poverty as a predictor of 4-year-olds' executive function: New perspectives on models of differential susceptibility. Developmental psychology, 49(2), 292.

Blair, C., Granger, D. A., Willoughby, M., Mills‐Koonce, R., Cox, M., Greenberg, M. T., ... & Fortunato, C. K. (2011). Salivary cortisol mediates effects of poverty and parenting on executive functions in early childhood. Child development, 82(6), 1970-1984.

Blair, C., Raver, C. C., Granger, D., Mills-Koonce, R., & Hibel, L. (2011). Allostasis and allostatic load in the context of poverty in early childhood. Development and psychopathology, 23(3), 845-857.

Selected CSRP Publications:

Pressler, E., Raver, C. C., & Masucci, M. D. (2017). Increasing Low-income Mothers’ Educational Attainment: Implications for Anti-poverty Programs and Policy. Journal of Applied Research on Children: Informing Policy for Children at Risk, 7(1), 12.

Raver, C. C., Roy, A. L., Pressler, E., Ursache, A. M., & Charles McCoy, D. (2016). Poverty-Related Adversity and Emotion Regulation Predict Internalizing Behavior Problems among Low-Income Children Ages 8–11. Behavioral Sciences, 7(1), 2.

Raver, C. C., Jones, S. M., Li‐Grining, C., Zhai, F., Bub, K., & Pressler, E. (2011). CSRP’s impact on low‐income preschoolers’ preacademic skills: self‐regulation as a mediating mechanism. Child development, 82(1), 362-378.

Raver, C. C., Jones, S. M., Li-Grining, C. P., Metzger, M., Champion, K. M., & Sardin, L. (2008). Improving preschool classroom processes: Preliminary findings from a randomized trial implemented in Head Start settings. Early childhood research quarterly, 23(1), 10-26.

Selected NewFAMS Publications & Presentations:

Kyriakou, L., Ribner, A., & Blair, C. (April 2017). Maternal depression predicts child temperament: Mediation by self-efficacy in the nurturing role. Poster presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development 2017, Austin, TX.

Finegood, E.D. & Blair, C. Intrapsychic and Interpersonal Correlates of Diurnal HPA Activity in First Time Expectant Mothers. Presentation accepted at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research In Child Development, Austin, TX, April, 2017.

Selected ABC Publications & Presentations:

Finegood, E. D., Raver, C. C., DeJoseph, M. L., & Blair, C. (2017). Parenting in Poverty: Attention Bias and Anxiety Interact to Predict Parents' Perceptions of Daily Parenting Hassles. Journal of Family Psychology, 31(1), 51-60.

Raver, C. C., Blair, C., DeJoseph, M. L., & Finegood, E. D. Two sides of the coin: Analyzing changes in parenting to answer key questions in developmental science and program evaluation.  Poster at ACF National Research Conference on Early Childhood in DC from July 11-13, 2016.

Selected Tools-K Publications:

Blair C, Raver CC (2014) Closing the Achievement Gap through Modification of Neurocognitive and Neuroendocrine Function: Results from a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial of an Innovative Approach to the Education of Children in Kindergarten. PLoS ONE9(11): e112393.

Daneri M. P., Blair C. (2017). Bidirectional relations between executive function and expressive vocabulary in kindergarten and first grade. Stud. Psychol. (in press). 

Selected PreK EF Publications:

Willoughby, M. T., Pek, J., Blair, C. B., & Family Life Project Investigators. (2013). Measuring executive function in early childhood: A focus on maximal reliability and the derivation of short forms. Psychological Assessment, 25(2), 664-670.

Blair, C., Raver, C. C., Berry, D. J., & Family Life Project Investigators. (2014). Two approaches to estimating the effect of parenting on the development of executive function in early childhood. Developmental Psychology, 50(2), 554-565.

Willoughby, M. T., Blair, C. B., Wirth, R. J., Greenberg, M., & The Family Life Project Investigators. (2012). The measurement of executive function at age 5: Psychometric properties and relationship to academic achievement. Psychological Assessment, 24(1), 226-239.

Willoughby, M. T., Wirth, R. J., Blair, C. B., & Family Life Project Investigators. (2012). Executive function in early childhood: Longitudinal measurement invariance and developmental change. Psychological Assessment, 24(2), 418-431.

Selected Tools ELL Publications:

Daneri M. P., Blair C. (2017). Bidirectional relations between executive function and expressive vocabulary in kindergarten and first grade. Stud. Psychol. (in press).