About the ABC Study

Funded by the Administration for Children and Families, the ABC study collaborated with two Early Head Start partners to examine the role that Early Head Start can play in supporting parenting and buffering children from the negative effects of toxic stress. Dissemination of study findings are currently underway.

Our partners included:
  • The Children's Aid Society: PS 152, East Harlem, CS 211, Bronx Early Childhood Center
  • Educational Alliance
  • Child Center of New York
  • Episcopal Social Services - St. Paul's House
Selected Publications:

Finegood, E. D., Raver, C. C., DeJoseph, M. L., & Blair, C. (2017). Parenting in Poverty: Attention Bias and Anxiety Interact to Predict Parents' Perceptions of Daily Parenting Hassles. Journal of Family Psychology, 31(1), 51-60.

Raver, C. C., Blair, C., DeJoseph, M. L., & Finegood, E. D. Two sides of the coin: Analyzing changes in parenting to answer key questions in developmental science and program evaluation.  Poster at ACF National Research Conference on Early Childhood in DC from July 11-13, 2016.

Study News:

The ABC Intervention in Early Head Start Programs: Reducing the Effects of Toxic Stress for Children in Poverty

Steinhardt Researchers Receive $1.9 Million Grant to Address Toxic Stress in Poor Children