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Multi cultural round table discussion in a conference room setting.

Education Quality and Learning for All (EQUAL) Global Network

The Context and the EQUAL Global Network

Global and regional networks of research universities and institutions, together with NGO’s, can bring innovation and impact to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) agenda. More specifically, they can: 1) Ensure attention is given to the development and use of measures for learning that are broader than reading and math; 2) Leverage the rigorous measurement of quality in education to improve instruction and learning at scale; and 3) Involve youth and the communities in which they live in the critical task of creating innovative program and policy solutions that can extend the focus of education systems to include both access and learning, thus providing just and equitable opportunities for all.

The Education Quality and Learning for All (EQUAL) Global Network is one such network that aims to engage research organizations and education NGOs to support countries in achieving SDG 4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning, through rigorous measurement and action with signature initial funding from the Ford Foundation and the Catalyst Trust. As co-hosts of the Thematic Workgroup on Education and the Transition to Work of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) since 2013, we build on the global reach of the SDSN across all areas of the SDGs. In 2016 and 2017, we will be launching this Network and Secretariat, focusing on the work of three initial regional networks (“sections”) in East Africa, West Africa, and the Middle East / North Africa (MENA) in what will become a global “network of networks.” Regional Sections of the EQUAL Global Network will be in charge of executing the research and technical support for program and policy evaluation and measurement advances for SDG 4.

The EQUAL Global Network and its regional sections will commission research on measurement and innovative solutions to advance education access, quality, and learning and development across early childhood through young adulthood, and youth transitions. Activities pertain broadly to two general foci: 1) Measuring learning, development, and quality in education programs at national scale; and 2) identifying the most powerful program and policy solutions that leverage research, particularly measurement of quality in education, to improve education systems and reduce inequality in learning.  We plan our work in close coordination with efforts by the Global Alliance to Monitor Learning (GAML) of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, the ECD Action Network, the African Regional ECD Network and African Scholars Network, The Arab Resources Collective, and other associated partners to advance measurement and research on SDG 4.

The Approach

The EQUAL Global Secretariat, represented by NYU’s Global TIES for Children and Pratham, will engage in three main activities: 1) Develop and support a collaborative learning process both within and across regional sections; 2) Host global convenings and exchanges to facilitate inter-regional cross-fertilization and learning; and 3) Ensure that the focus of research and technical support activities in regional Sections aligns with the overarching goals of EQUAL. Regional Sections will: 1) Host region-specific convenings; 2) Implement seed grant projects on innovative measurement and program and policy solutions; and 3) Partake in Global meetings, collaboration, and learning.

Advisory Board Members

EQUAL prides itself in partnering with a diverse advisory board from both Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East/North Africa regions.

View our full list of EQUAL Advisory Board members.

Project Team

Hirokazu Yoshikawa (PI)
Paul Oburu (Project Director)
Joyce Rafla (Project Associate)