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Early childhood development (ECD) and early childhood education (ECE) have been identified as priority areas by many governments and development agencies. An advanced understanding of brain development during the first few years of life and the detrimental effects of “toxic” stress on the brain, have lent emphasis to the importance of this period for life-long learning, earnings, and physical and mental health.

Our team is well represented in the global ECD arena (see SDSN for more information). Listed below are our current projects in this area.


Early Childhood Development in Emergency & Conflict (ECDEC)

Thanks to decades of research, we know that all children need nurturing care, a comforting routine, and opportunities to learn through play in the critical first years of life.

Quality Preschool for Ghana (QP4G)

Developing, testing and scaling-up supply- and demand-side interventions to improve Kindergarten educational quality in Ghana