Working Papers

The Institute for Education and Social Policy (IESP) Working Paper series facilitates awareness and exchange of quality research among the policy community. Empirical research papers and research-based policy papers focusing on topics germane to IESP's research areas will be posted to stimulate comments and to make research results quickly available. Papers accepted to the series are typically pre-publication manuscripts that have not been published elsewhere.  


  • Showing Up: Disparities in Chronic Absenteeism between Students with and without Disabilities
  • Is Special Education Improving? Evidence on Segregation, Outcomes, and Spending from New York City
  • What Are the Financial Implications of Public Quality Disclosure? Evidence from New York City's Restaurant Food Safety Grading Policy


  • A Day at the Museum: The Impact of Field Trips to Informal Science Education Institutions on Middle School Science Achievement
  • The Effect of Breakfast in the Classroom on Obesity and Academic Performance: Evidence from New York City
  • Making Summer Matter: The Impact of Youth Employment on Academic Performance
  • Moving Matters: The Causal Effect of Moving Schools on Student Performance
  • Pathways to an Elite Education: Application, Admission, and Matriculation to New York City’s Specialized High Schools
  • Rolling Out and Scaling Up: What Happens When a New Program Is No Longer New?


  • Do Charter Schools Ruin Local Public Schools in Poor Neighborhoods? Evidence from New York City
  • Making Summer Matter: The Impact of Youth Employment on Academic Performance
  • Successful Schools How School-Level Factors Influence Success with Urban Advantage


  • High Stakes in the Classroom, High Stakes on the Street: The Effects of Community Violence on Students’ Standardized Test Performance
  • Museums, Zoos, and Gardens: How Formal-Informal Partnerships Can Impact Urban Students’ Performance
  • Too Scared to Learn? The Academic Consequences of Feeling Unsafe at School
  • Unequally Safe: The Race Gap in School Safety


  • Can Formal-Informal Collaborations Improve Science Literacy in Urban Middle Schools? The Urban Advantage Middle School Science Initiative in New York City
  • The Impact of the Great Recession on School District Finances: Evidence from New York
  • Precarious Slopes? The Great Recession, Federal Stimulus, and New Jersey Schools
  • Does Small High School Reform Lift Urban Districts? Evidence from New York City
  • Do Small Schools Improve Performance in Large, Urban Districts? Causal Evidence from New York City


  • Determinants of College Major Choice: Identification using an Information Experiment
  • Do Charter Schools Crowd Out Private School Enrollment: Evidence from Michigan
  • Evolution of Gender Differences in Post-Secondary Human Capital Investments: College Majors


  • Effect of Constraints on Tiebout Competition: Evidence from the Michigan State Finance Reform
  • Income Inequality, the Median Voter, and the Support for Public Education
  • Testing the Quantity-Quality Model of Fertility: Linearity, Marginal Effects, and Total Effects
  • What Linear Estimators Miss: Re-Examining the Effects of Family Income on Child Outcomes

Archived Working Papers