The following web sites support or relate to the research and policy work of the Institute for Education and Social Policy.

New York City

New York City Department of Education:

Division of Assessment and Accountability: Information for Researchers

The Department of Education's Division of Assessment and Accountability produces the Annual School Reports (ASRs), a comprehensive report containing school-level student and teacher characteristics, test results, as well as graduation and dropout rates. Also available are test score results and studies and reports.

Division of Budget and Operations Review

Since the 1996-97 school year, the DOE has published the School Based Expenditure Reports, presenting school-level spending of federal, state and private funds for every school and program in the New York City public school system. The publication of these financial reports is a significant achievement in school finance accountability and continues to be the fullest accounting of school spending by any urban district, with few exceptions.

Inside Schools

A project of Advocates for Children of New York, this site provides independent portraits of New York City’s public schools and other information about navigating the school system.

New York City Housing and Neighborhood Information System (NYCHANIS)

NYCHANIS is an interactive web site that offers online data access to over 1,300 separate variables describing housing and neighborhood conditions, including educational attainment and student performance, in New York City. The purpose of NYCHANIS is to allow a wide variety of users to gain access to previously unavailable data and manipulate the data according to their personal and/or professional needs. Once the user has set up an account with NYCHANIS, a session on the website can be used to sort and view the housing and neighborhood indicators in a variety of ways for user-defined geographies.

New York State

New York State Education Department

Official website of the state department of education. The site contains information about policies, schools and publications.

New York State Report Card

New York State Education Department (NYSED) produces school- and district-level report cards for every school and district in the state. These reports, available on the website, contain student demographic and performance data, including information on Adequate Yearly Progress.

Education Finance and Research Consortium

The EFRC is an ongoing collaborative research and policy analysis venture between the New York State Education Department, the New York State Board of Regents and education scholars, researchers, policy makers, and educational institutions in New York State and around the country. The EFRC website provides access to publications and reports on issues such as teacher quality, compensation and labor markets; school and student performance in response to revised learning standards; and the impact of higher learning standards on curriculum, graduation rates and school budgets.


Research and Reform in High Schools

Wiki page featuring articles related to high school reform. Maintained by IESP faculty affiliate Leslie Siskin.

Cornerstone National Literacy Initiative

Website of the Initiative which provides materials on their school reform model and resources to promote enhanced literacy teaching.

American Education Finance Association (AEFA)

AEFA’s mission is “to promote understanding of means by which resources are generated, distributed and used to enhance human learning.” The site provides information on AEFA publications, conferences and resources.

U.S. Department of Education

The official website of the US Department of Education provides information about education related legislation and policy, programs, grants, and offices of the department, including the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) which houses the National Center for Education Statistics.

Institute of Education Sciences

The Institute funds research studies on ways to improve academic achievement, conducts large-scale evaluations of federal education programs and reports a wide array of statistics on the condition of education such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The IES supports resources such as the What Works Clearinghouse and the ERIC education database, as well as conferences, publications and products, 10 regional education laboratories, and 10 national research and development centers.

National Center for Education Statistics

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.