Race and Immigration

Where and into what family one is born affects a child's life chances immensely. Through a series of initiatives, we seek to assess these differences and study ways to improve chances for success for all children.

  • Age of Entry and the High School Performance of Immigrant Youth
  • Beyond Black: Diversity among Black Immigrant Students in New York City Public Schools
  • Time to English Proficiency for English Language Learners in New York City and Miami-Dade County
  • High Stakes in the Classroom, High Stakes on the Street: The Effects of Community Violence on Students’ Standardized Test Performance
  • The Effect of Immigrant Communities on Foreign-Born Student Achievement
  • Making the Mosaic: The Changing Face of NYC’s (Im)migrant Students
  • New Directions in Measuring Racial Isolation in School
  • Undocumented College Students in the United States: In-State Tuition Not Enough to Ensure Four-Year Degree Completion
  • Unequally Safe: The Race Gap in School Safety
  • White and Black Urban School Teachers' Job Satisfaction: Does Relational Demography Matter?