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  • Too Scared to Learn? The Academic Consequences of Feeling Unsafe in the Classroom
  • Impacts of Classifying New York City Students as Overweight
  • Early Childhood Poverty: Short and Long Run Consequences Over the Lifespan
  • Effect of School-Based Water Intervention on Child Body Mass Index and Obesity
  • The Effect of Breakfast in the Classroom on Obesity and Academic Performance: Evidence from New York City
  • Are all schools created equal? Learning environments in small and large public high schools in New York City
  • Changes in Income-Based Gaps in Parent Activities with Young Children from 1988-2012
  • Neighborhoods, Schools, and Obesity: The Potential for Place-Based Approaches to Reduce Childhood Obesity
  • Parent Income-Based Gaps in Schooling: Cross-Cohort Trends in the NLSYs and the PSID
  • Socioeconomic Gaps in Parents' Discipline Strategies from 1988-2011
  • Review of The School Choice Journey: School Vouchers and the Empowerment of Urban Families by Patrick J. Wolf and Thomas Stewart
  • Bullying, Safety, and Belonging in the Middle school Years: Do Top Dogs Rule?


  • Does Small High School Reform Lift Urban Districts? Evidence From New York City
  • Is Neighborhood Destiny? Exploring the Link between Neighborhood Mobility and Student Outcomes


  • High Stakes in the Classroom, High Stakes on the Street: The Effects of Community Violence on Student’s Standardized Test Performance
  • Do Housing Choice Voucher Holders Live Near Good Schools?
  • Museums, Zoos, and Gardens: How Formal-Informal Partnerships Can Impact Urban Students' Performance in Science
  • Unequally Safe: The Race Gap in School Safety
  • What Is a Summer Job Worth? The Impact of Summer Youth Employment on Academic Outcomes


  • Not Just for Poor Kids: The Impact of Universal Free School Breakfast on Meal Participation and Student Outcomes
  • Do Small Schools Improve Performance in Large, Urban Districts? Causal Evidence from New York City
  • Value Added and its Uses: Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit


  • Training Your Own: The Impact of New York City’s Aspiring Principals Program on Achievement
  • White and Black Urban School Teachers' Job Satisfaction: Does Relational Demography Matter?


  • What Do AEFA Members Say? Summary of Results of an Education Finance and Policy Survey
  • Commuting to work: RN Travel Time to Employment in Rural and Urban Areas
  • Does Losing Your Home Mean Losing Your School? Effects of Foreclosure on the School Mobility of Children
  • The Effect of Immigrant Communities on Foreign-Born Student Achievement
  • Local Demand for School Choice: Evidence from the Washington Charter School Referenda
  • Does Municipally Subsidized Housing Improve School Quality? Evidence from New York City
  • The Path Not Taken: How Does School Organization Affect 8th Grade Achievement?
  • School Cost Accounting: What Do We Know and How Do We Get There?


  • Age of Entry and the High School Performance of Immigrant Youth
  • Making Research in Education Finance and Policy Matter Now
  • New Directions in Measuring Racial Isolation in School
  • Public Schools, Public Housing: The Education of Children Living in Public Housing

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