Jessica Boccardo Bio

Jessica Boccardo, currently a Research Assistant at IESP, is a first year PhD student in Public Administration at NYU. She received her Master in Public Policy from Georgetown University on 2006, where she was a research assistant for the evaluation of the first federally-funded school voucher program, the School Choice Demonstration Project. Prior to entering IESP, she worked at the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) unit at the World Bank, focusing her research on the links between skills and tertiary education and innovation, particularly regarding trade and growth in developing country. She worked on diversification studies for several countries, completing the chapters on diversification for the CEMs for Benin and Uganda with Vandana Chandra. She has also worked at the Inter-American Development Bank for the Office of Evaluation (OVE) on the completion of the Country Evaluation for Trinidad and Tobago.