Educational inequality, or the difference in the level of educational attainment and success according to race, ethnicity or family income, is one of the most important issues of the 21st century. Our work seeks to understand the ways in which inequality affects children's academic outcomes. 


  • Early Childhood Poverty: Short and Long Run Consequences Over the Lifespan
  • Parent Income-Based Gaps in Schooling: Cross-Cohort Trends in the NLSYs and the PSID


  • Is Neighborhood Destiny? Exploring the Link between Neighborhood Mobility and Student Outcomes
  • Moving Matters: The Causal Effect of Moving Schools on Student Performance
  • Pathways to an Elite Education: Application, Admission, and Matriculation to New York City’s Specialized High Schools


  • Do Charter Schools Ruin Local Public Schools in Poor Neighborhoods? Evidence from New York City
  • Museums, Zoos, and Gardens: How Formal-Informal Partnerships Can Impact Urban Students' Performance in Science


  • High School Choice in New York City: A Report with the Research Alliance for New York City Schools on the School Choices and Placements of Low-Achieving Students
  • Museums, Zoos, and Gardens: How Formal-Informal Partnerships Can Impact Urban Students’ Performance
  • Too Scared to Learn? The Academic Consequences of Feeling Unsafe at School
  • Unequally Safe: The Race Gap in School Safety
  • Unlocking New York City’s High School Progress Report: A Report Commissioned by New Visions for Public Schools


  • Can Formal-Informal Collaborations Improve Science Literacy in Urban Middle Schools? The Urban Advantage Middle School Science Initiative in New York City


  • What Do AEFA Members Say? Summary of Results of an Education Finance and Policy Survey
  • Determinants of College Major Choice: Identification using an Information Experiment
  • Do Charter Schools Crowd Out Private School Enrollment: Evidence from Michigan
  • Does Losing Your Home Mean Losing Your School? Effects of Foreclosure on the School Mobility of Children
  • Evolution of Gender Differences in Post-Secondary Human Capital Investments: College Majors
  • Local Demand for School Choice: Evidence from the Washington Charter School Referenda
  • School Choice and Competition in the New York City Schools


  • Income Inequality, the Median Voter, and the Support for Public Education
  • Urban Advantage Interim Report
  • What Linear Estimators Miss: Re-Examining the Effects of Family Income on Child Outcomes