Education Finance

Education finance encompasses questions of equity, efficiency and effectiveness, accountability, and intergovernmental aid. What are the relationships among funding, policies, teachers, and student outcomes? How equitably are resources distributed to schools within school systems?


  • Changes in Income-Based Gaps in Parent Activities with Young Children from 1988-2012


  • Value Added and its Uses: Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit


  • The Impact of the Great Recession on School District Finances: Evidence from New York
  • Precarious Slopes? The Great Recession, Federal Stimulus, and New Jersey Schools
  • Do Small Schools Improve Performance in Large, Urban Districts? Causal Evidence from New York City


  • What Do AEFA Members Say? Summary of Results of an Education Finance and Policy Survey
  • Financing Public Education in New York City and the Rest of the State
  • School Cost Accounting: What Do We Know and How Do We Get There?


  • Effect of Constraints on Tiebout Competition: Evidence from the Michigan State Finance Reform
  • Income Inequality, the Median Voter, and the Support for Public Education
  • Making Research in Education Finance and Policy Matter Now