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Download The NYU Logo

In the interest of providing a comprehensive list of options, we are offering many variations of the NYU logo for download that have been approved for official use. Please read the information on logo variations before you download any files. The answers to most of your questions can be found there. If you have already read this information you can skip directly to the logo downloads.

Information on NYU logo variations

Color Variations

The logo is available in several different color variations. They are:

  • Single Color - Purple: This variation should be used whenever possible on all full-color documents and publications.
  • Single Color - Black: If you do not want to print in full color, the logo can also appear in black.
  • Knockout Color: A variation on the logo that uses white text on a color background.

File Types

  • EPS: Whenever possible, this is the file-type you should use. However, this logo can not be used in MS Word or Powerpoint. EPS is Vector based art and is ideal for most graphic design and desktop publishing purposes. This file can be imported into Illustrator, Quark, InDesign, Photoshop, and other desktop publishing software.
  • JPG: This is the version you should download for use in Word, Powerpoint and for other simple design projects.
  • PNG: You can also use this file-type in Word, Powerpoint and other simple design projects. It does not have the same color depth as the JPG, but it does have a transparent background which is useful for placing the logos on top of a color background.

File Sizes

In addition to being available in different formats, the JPG and PNG versions of the logo are available in different sizes. You should never resize this file, even if the proportions stay the same. If you need a specific size, please contact

  • Xtra Xtra Small: 1 inch when printed (300 pixels wide)
  • Xtra Small: 2 inches when printed (600 pixels wide)
  • Small: 3 inches when printed (900 pixels wide)
  • Medium: 5 inches when printed (1500 pixels wide)
  • Large: 7 inches when printed (2100 pixels wide)
  • Xtra Large: 9 inches when printed (2700 pixels wide)

Download the NYU Logo

Use the links below to select and download the appropriate resolution of graphic file.

Configuration 1 - The standard NYU logo

  • EPS
  • JPG
  • PNG

Configuration 2 - used if the torch in version 1 appears too small

  • EPS
  • JPG
  • PNG

Configuration 3

  • EPS
  • JPG
  • PNG

Other sizes or formats:

If you need a specific file size and format of the NYU Logo that is not listed here please contact NYU Steinhardt's web designer at

For more information contact:

Office of Planning and Communications
82 Washington Square East, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003
212 992 9453
Fax 212 995 4191