Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions

International Double Reed Society Conference 2014

Student Think Tank

The Student Consortium Think Tank

Program and Schedule available here.

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation
Date: June 21, 2014
Chair: Alex Ruthmann
Senior Researchers: TBA

As in previous ICAD conferences, this year we are offering a full day Student Think Tank for Doctoral or Masters students who work in the area of auditory display. The ThinkTank will be held one day before ICAD 2014 begins in New York, NY and will be free of charge for all participants and will include refreshments.

The purpose of the ThinkTank is threefold. First, a gathering of junior and senior researchers leads to the continuation of the international community for auditory display. New networks and friendships can be made as well as collaborative relationships across disciplines that assist in the development of high quality auditory displays. Second, the expertise of the senior researchers will be used to help graduate students with their research projects and other questions they have about auditory display. Finally, the senior researchers will provide career mentoring by giving guidance and advise about professional issues in academics, industry, and other areas that students will face as they complete their graduate work. Such issues will include job applications and interviews, start-up costs for academic positions, and differences in expectations for new faculty members for different types of academic institutions.

During the ThinkTank, selected graduate students (ThinkTank Scholars) will briefly present their work (15 minutes) along with questions they have related to their work to the rest of the attendees. Small group discussions will follow after which reports will be made to the entire group. There will also be a session on career mentoring. Finally, ThinkTank Scholars will present their work as a poster at a special poster session during ICAD.

What to Submit to Apply to be Considered as a ThinkTank Scholar

1. Cover Letter that includes

  • Statement of interest in participating in the ThinkTank
  • Full name of institution and department in which the candidate is earning his/her degree
  • Student’s full contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address)
  • Current stage in the candidate’s academic program (e.g., completed MS, 2 years into PhD)
  • Title of the research and pertinent keywords
  • URL of applicant’s web page (if any)

2. Two-page Research Interest Summary

The body of the research summary should provide a clear overview of the research that the student has already conducted; is in the process of completing; has planned; or ideas for research that the student would like to pursue. The statement should discuss the relevance and potential impact of the research on the field, and discuss its broader impact in the world. Candidates are encouraged to include the following sections:

  • Introduction and problem description
  • Brief background and overview of the existing literature
  • Goal of the research
  • Current status of the research
  • Preliminary results accomplished, if any
  • Broader impact of this research
  • Open issues, topics to be discussed at the ThinkTank, and expected outcomes from participating in the ThinkTank
  • We also encourage applicants to submit up to three questions that are related to their future careers.

3. Candidate’s Curriculum Vita

The candidate is required to prepare a 1-page CV that relates her/his background, relevant experience, and research accomplishments.

4. Letter of Recommendation written by the candidate’s Graduate Adviser or Thesis Adviser. The candidate’s adviser is encouraged to include an assessment of the current status of the candidate’s research and an indication of the expected date of its completion. In addition, the candidate’s adviser is encouraged to indicate what she/he hopes the candidate would gain from participation in the ThinkTank.

How to Submit

Applicants should submit all relevant materials directly to ThinkTank chair BY APRIL 10th at

Selection and Notification of ThinkTank Scholars

There will be a group of ten to twelve submissions that will be selected as ThinkTank Scholars to present their research formally for discussion during the ThinkTank. Notification of the selection will be sent no later than April 15th by e-mail. The selection of the ThinkTank Scholars will be made to maximize a range of examples of issues and questions or problems that will be especially interesting or challenging for the ThinkTank participants.

All applicants who submit materials are encouraged to participate in the ThinkTank, even if their research is not selected for presentation. The exchange of ideas during the discussions will be intellectually stimulating and the new contacts made with peers and other researchers will make this a valuable experience.

Financial Assistance

Pending funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), students based at an institution in the United States who are selected to present will receive airfare (within the USA) to New York City, the ICAD registration fee, workshop registration fees, and shared accommodation at NYU Housing.

Students from institutions outside of the United States who are selected to present are ineligible for funding from NSF and will need to cover their own expenses. Any other students not selected for formally presenting their work will also be responsible for their own funding.


The PDF version of this page can be found here.