Calendar of Events Instructions


Calendar of Events Instructions

General Instructions

For general instructions on administering the NYU Calendar of Events, please refer to the NYU Tutorials.

Important Notes

  • Use the following tags to share your event with other NYU Steinhardt calendars (so that the event appears on multiple calendars).
    • steinhardt
    • steinhardt-alt
    • steinhardt-alumni
    • steinhardt-appsych
    • steinhardt-art
    • steinhardt-csd
    • steinhardt-global
    • steinhardt-gradadmissions
    • steinhardt-hmss
    • steinhardt-mcc
    • steinhardt-metro
    • steinhardt-music
    • steinhardt-nfsph
    • steinhardt-ot
    • steinhardt-pt
    • steinhardt-research
    • steinhardt-studentaffairs
    • steinhardt-teachlearn
    • steinhardt-wallerstein
  • Do NOT tag an event with its own calendar tag, since it will appear on the calendar feed twice (e.g. do not tag a Steinhardt Global event with steinhardt-global).
  • Do NOT use the "Suggest" feature – the NYU Calendar of Events Team discourages the use of it, and will remove it from the system.
  • Always indicate the end date and time for an event. Without the end date/time, your event may not display correctly on the NYU Steinhardt website.

Valuable Tips

  • In order for your event to be featured on the NYU Calendar of Events homepage, you need to mark it with a star, along with all the relevant details.
  • In order for your event to be featured on the NYU Steinhardt Calendar on the Steinhart homepage, please tag it with steinhardt-featured.
  • The NYU Calendar of Events does not keep an archive of events older than one year. If you need to keep a record of an event, please copy the relevant information in a document and save it locally.