Our Leadership Team

Ikuko Acosta 
Art Therapy

Ikuko AcostaIkuko Acosta, Ph.D., ATR-BC. Director of the Graduate Art Therapy Program, has extensive clinical experiences as an art therapist as well as an art therapy educator for the past twenty years. She has worked with a wide range of populations including geriatrics,adults, adolescents and children.

Kenneth Aigen
Music Therapy

Kenneth AigenKenneth Aigen is a music therapist whose clinical specialties include work with children and adolescents with emotional and developmental delays, and adults in mental health. His research uses musicological analyses to reveal connections between the elements of music and common cognitive, emotional, and physical goals in music therapy.

Jessica Bihuniak 
Nutrition and Food Studies

Jessica BihuniakDr. Bihuniak's clinical studies focus on nutritional interventions across the life span. She is interested in how different sources of dietary protein and amino acids affects skeletal health and body composition. She has shown specific effects of dietary protein on calcium absorption that do not support the concept that protein is detrimental to bone or musculoskeletal health in older adults.

Adam Buchwald
Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Adam BuchwaldAdam Buchwald takes an interdisciplinary approach to address the questions of how we produce and perceive spoken and written language. His primary research focuses on describing the linguistic information that is neurally represented and manipulated during language processing.

Grace Kim 
Occupational Therapy

Grace KimGrace Kim is an Assistant Professor in the Occupational Therapy Department. She received her bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of California, at Davis and her master's degree in Occupational Therapy at Columbia University in 2002. She received her PhD in Occupational Therapy at New York University in 2016. She has worked primarily with adults with physical disabilities and gained expertise in neurorehabilitation.

Anat Lubetzky
Physical Therapy

Anat LubetzkyDr. Anat Lubetzky, an Assistant Professor in the Physical Therapy Department at New York University, obtained her physical therapy training and an MSc in physical therapy from Tel Aviv university, Israel. She then received her PhD in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Washington in Seattle in 2014 followed by a 1-year visiting position at the NYU Physical Therapy Department.

Ericka N. Merriwether
Physical Therapy

Ericka N. MerriwetherDr. Merriwether’s research examines mechanisms underlying the pathobiology of obesity and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Her long-term research objective is to investigate how the interaction of multiple systems contributes to the development and progression of chronic musculoskeletal pain and movement dysfunction in obese adults.

Sonja Molfenter
Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Sonja MolfenterDr. Sonja Molfenter is a clinically-trained Speech Language Pathologist whose research specializes in understanding the physiological features of both normal swallowing and disordered swallowing (known as dysphagia). Swallowing function is commonly disrupted after many conditions including stroke, brain injury, head and neck cancer and spinal cord injury.

Preeti Raghavan
SoM, Rusk Rehabilitation

Preeti RaghavanIn my clinical practice, I treat patients recovering from stroke and traumatic brain injuries, as well as people with neurological conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and brachial plexus injuries. In my research, I investigate how neurological injuries affect motor skills in the upper extremities. I also specialize in rehabilitation for people who have musculoskeletal problems in their upper extremities.

Smita Rao
Physical Therapy

Smita RaoDr. Smita Rao, PT, PhD, is a clinician-scientist, who trained as a physical therapist. Her research agenda seeks to identify impairments contributing to patients' symptoms and to develop and implement interventions that target specific impairments.

Christina Reuterskiöld
Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Christina ReuterskiDr. Christina Reuterskiöld's research focuses on developmental language disorders in children. Her main interest is the influence of non-linguistic and linguistic context on language processing and production. Dr. Reuterskiöld is certified as a Speech Language Pathologist by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) and the Swedish Board of Social Care.

Gerald Voelbel 
Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation Sciences
Director of the Center of Health and Rehabilitation Research

Gerald VoelbelGerald Voelbel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy and Director of the Rehabilitation Sciences Doctoral Program. His main research interests focus on the neuropsychological deficits in neurological and psychiatric populations. An area of significant importance for Dr. Voelbel is the development of cognitive remediation techniques to improve cognitive deficits, such as processing speed, executive function and working memory in individuals with traumatic brain injuries.

Kathleen Woolf
Nutrition and Food Studies

Kathleen WoolfDr. Kathleen Woolf focuses her work on the integrated role of nutrition and physical activity for lifelong health throughout the lifespan. For both individuals and populations, nutrition and physical activity contribute to overall quality of life and play major roles in protecting health and delaying the progression of disease.