Student Affairs - 11/3/2008

Committee Minutes

Student Affairs - 11/3/2008

Student Affairs Committee
November 3, 2008

Faculty: Jennifer Berg, Sandra Lang
Student Governance Representatives: Danielle Picou (GSO), Rachel Nevers (USG)
Ex Officio: Dean Carey, Jeanne Bannon, University Senator Wen Ling

  •  Reviewed 2007-2008 Graduate Program, Directors’ Survey
  • Drafted questions for survey to send to current masters students (via program directors)
  • Reports from Dean Carey and GSO and USG representatives

See DRAFT MA and Certificate Graduate Student Survey:

MA and Certificate Graduate Student Survey
1. What events are regularly supported by your Program or Department to bring Master's students together for program oriented activities? For social activities?

2. How do you engage with faculty in your Department?  Check all that apply
__ Individual Advising Appointments
__ Group Advising Appointments
__ Research Presentations
__ Colloquium
__ Receptions
__ Workshops
__ Social Events
__ Other

3. What curriculum clubs or groups are sponsored by or intersect with the Master's Program?

4. In what ways does the Program or Department support your transition into the next stage of your career?

5. Which services offered on campus have you taken advantage of? Check all that apply
__ Wassermann Center
__ Steinhart Student Services
__ Student health Services
__ NYU Wellness
__ Graduate Student Organization (GSO)
__ Coles or Palladium Athletic Facilities
__ Career Services
__ Student Resource Centre
__ Residential Education
__ Other ______________________________

What other activities would you like to see?

6. Thinking back to your first graduate school semester, how were you welcomed into the NYU community?  Please check all that apply.
__ Welcome packets
__ Pre-advisement
__ Program, Department or University orientations
__ Workshops
__ Receptions
__ Information Sessions
__ New Student Seminars
__ Emails from Program or Department
__ Other  _____________________

What other activities would you have found helpful?

7. What types of networking activities does your Program or Department provide?
 What would you like to see added?

8. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?

9. Program ________________